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I’ve seen many a man cursing his fate after being robbed. Crying about his lost possessions, he vows to spend more time and money on entry locks next time.  With the advanced technology, you’ll be seeing a lot less of such guys. Entry locks are now being designed that they can’t be defeated by burglars. There are two ways a burglar gets inside a house; by picking locks and using bump keys. These locks take that away from a burglar. For example, keyless locks are the new hit in town. Using them dissuades these two basic methods a burglar might break in, thus protecting your home.

Digital entry locks

Being around for quite some time, the technology for keyless locks has not yet found its application in domestic settings unlike hospitals or government offices.  According to experts, it’s about time people start using it in their homes for a safer place to live in.

  • Pushbutton locks:

These are programmable locks. You have to put a combination of around 4-6 words in its memory for it to work. Entry is gained by entering the combination on the lockset. They find their application in the fact that they can be modified to remember tons of combinations. New codes can be generated as easily as the previous ones can be deleted. Their code dexterity makes them stronger than the others.

  • Remote-controlled locks:

Just like your car, you can now secure your home with a remote controlled lock. Having sharp sensors, it can be activated by only the push of a button. Its major advantage is that it saves you from all the hassles of coming up with a lock combination and remembering it.

  • Fingerprint locks:

Utilizing Biometric innovation, this lock awards you access to your home or property by simply scanning your finger print. A lot of people are fond of these because there is nothing to lose. You can forget lock combination for the pushbutton lock, misplace your keys or even the remote of your remote-controlled lock, but you sure can’t lose your finger.